Our Massages


Customized Massages
You deserve a massage that is customized for your particular needs!  Our massages are therapeutic in nature, meaning they are designed to correct any issues you may have that cause pain, stiffness, or shortened range of motion.  We customize your massage to take into account your specific needs and adjust the treatment, pressure, and technique accordingly!
tandem massage
Tandem Massage
With a tandem massage you both get to experience a great massage as well as save money and time!  Similar to the couple's massage, there are two tables in the same room but one therapist that alternates between the two of you!  Great for an afternoon out with friends, significant other, or a family member.  Sessions are 1 hour 45 minutes

Couple's Massage

In a couple's massage you have two tables, two therapists, and one get experience.  Share your massage experience with a friend, family member, or significant other!  Click below to book your appointment!

Golfer's Massage

Golfer's are unique in that they have very distinct postural imbalances due to consistent repetitive movements.  This modality is great for anyone who have repetitive postural movements such as hairdressers, dental assistants, or production workers.  Each person will be assessed posturally, given an overview of a plan of action, and treated accordingly

abdominal massage
Abdominal Massage
Abdominal massages have been said to help aleve digestive issues and gut related pain due to constipation, gas, or menstrual cramps.  Abdominal massages have also been shown to correct postural imbalances as strengthen weakened muscles.  The abs are open the area where people tend to hold their stress.  Massage therapy can help to release built up stress.
Prenatal Massage
Pregnancy can be tough on the body.  We're here to help!  Prenatal massage can help with low back pain, swelling, and tight muscles. We have special  prenatal massage cushions that allow you to safely lay on your belly!!

Mom-to-be must be beyond her first trimester as a precaution to make sure mommy and baby are safe. Later in the pregnancy, massage therapy can help to make birthing a little easier and help with inducing labor!